Becoming thankful in your daily life may not be as difficult as you imagine. If you are reading this post, undoubtedly you must know that you fall on the Thankful spectrum! The Thankful spectrum is easy to explain and understand and gives you a frame of reference from which to look at thankfulness.

My dad taught me to drive while we were vacationing at my grandparent’s condo on Kona Hawaii when I was 15. I remember we drove out by an old strip of old road in a very old truck of my grandpas. In all cars there is a speedometer which tells you how fast you are going. You press on the gas a little and we go 5 mph, you step in it with gusto and you may be up to 50 in a matter of seconds, depending on the car.

We all drive and so this simplistic view is quite beneficial. You are already grateful. You already are showing qualities of thankfulness because you are alive. If you are alive, you have experienced thankfulness. If you doubt that I would challenge you to believe that when you were born you were born at a 100% thankfulness. Over the years you made choices and people let you down and instead of keeping your thankfulness at 100% you choose to look at those experiences and became hard. It is just as easy to stay soft, but the world does not teach us that way.

My grandpas old truck could go fast or slow. As my dad sat beside me and guided me I put the car into gear and gently pressed on the gas. As I stepped on the gas harder, the car moved faster. Duh right?

This is just like becoming Thankful – YOUR pedal to the metal is simply your intention of creating more thankful moments in your life. The car does not go unless I press on the gas. Your thankfulness muscles do not go without you desiring them to do so.

I could have chosen to NOT step on the gas at all. I could have kept my foot firmly on the brake and be afraid. You also have the choice to step on your thankful brake and withhold your love and thankfulness from others.

I could have chosen to put my left foot on the brake and my right foot on the gas essentially confusing the car and causing massive stress on the engine AND on the brake. You as well can resist both hard core and cause massive amounts of stress on your body, mind and spirit.

I could have done what Lucy my 14-year-old did when we gave her 20 seconds at the wheel, pushing the brake with the left foot up and down slowly and ALSO keeping that same stop and start motion with her right foot on the gas. Thus creating a stop and go motion for all of us in the passenger seats. She sat in confusion and did not go anywhere far. If we let her continue I have no doubt she would have either gone in a circle, crashed or have traveled 10 feet and stopped. You also have the choice to fight and stay confused about even MAKING the choice to just BE thankful.

You do have thankfulness in your life and you can learn to harness it even more by stepping on the gas of your thankfulness petal. How do you do that?

1-Set an intention when you wake to SHOW thankfulness.
2-Think of your life alone and how lonely you would feel. Who in your life are you thankful for?
3-Go find someone who is really struggling and watch them. Put yourself in their shoes.
4-Go to Africa and see the happy children who have nothing. Serve a family who is in need. Find someone struggling with something YOU have overcome and help them through the process.

Less is more. Simple is powerful. Ordinary is actually quite extraordinary.

Come up with a list of 10 things you can write down right now and do one each day to help increase your petal to the metal approach to adding Thankfulness into your life.


And now, go do that and create more thankfulness in your life and those around you.