Buying eco-friendlier is a choice you make daily through an intention to give back to those who serve you and who you in turn serve. It is the choice to buy local and support local growers around you. What I would love to cause is a space in which you realize that the people who surround you are powerful, just as you are. When we begin seeing those around us as powerful humans who have something to contribute to us, and us them, we begin to see how we are all connected.

What if you began to grow a small garden of carrots and you had so many you could give some to your neighbor Bob. What if Bob had some eggs from his chickens that he loved to share with you? This is what our great-grandparents use to do. They did it because it was the way of life, it was the way it went. It was created out of necessity.

We have become so self-sufficient and focused on convenience that we have lost the essence of true connection. Connection with others is and energetic exchange, just like carrots and eggs….just like a smile. All we are is energy. All we do and say and give and take is a transfer of energy. Even money is an exchange of energy, of services. We need plenty of things in life that we are happy to lay down money for. Hard earned money at that. Who are you to say that what you can provide is NOT valuable to someone else? Who are you to believe that you by keeping your gifts hidden and dormant the world is not less good? In other words, you are not doing the world or yourself or your family a Favor by NOT giving of your gifts. In fact, I believe you are being selfish by not understanding that your gifts are needed. They are.

We all have gifts and abilities. Use them. See those who have them all around you and support them with your time, talents, energy and resources. And in turn as for them to support you in those ways as well. You may be surprised at how genuinely giving of yourself and love comes back tenfold.

My daughter Ava Maria and I began a sustainable plush lamb business over a year ago. Her website is What an incredible journey this has been. The video on her site is darling and depicts the essence of sustainability and cognitive awareness that we set out in the beginning to accomplish. We have gone through development hardships, moving to Puerto Rico and not seeing sales, finding the right design (which we are still working to find) and many other timing challenges. This is not a thriving and successful business for us, and it has been worth it. I would do the same thing over and over again to teach my children the value of doing something you believe in. My twins, Evan and Ava were able to “pitch” their idea to Shark Tank in Las Vegas NV. How many parents reading this have begun a business with their child?

What if we could help our children, and the next generation become mini entrepreneurs? What is your child, or a child you know, interested in creating? These ideas begin small and if we do not believe in the youth, who will? If you do not believe in yourself to create something that matters, who will believe in you?

We can begin to make choices that come from our Gypsy Spirit, instead of with our heads. Be more aware of the products you purchase. Support local farmers markets and people around you that are working hard to give of their talents. One day this idea may come back to you in more abundance than you ever dreamed possible.

Live big. Be bold. Create more.