Welcome. You can read and go through this chakra opening or CLICK HERE for a Free Guided Opening with Andrea. This exercise is meant for you to go slow, be introspective and see how you can generate energy within your own body. As you tap into your own ability to be aware of the energy flow within you, you will gain power in your life.

1.Visualize the color red at the first chakra at the base of your spine and think, I belong in this world and my personal needs are always met. I root and belong wherever I go because I know I am meant to be here at this time. I am worthy of being alive. I belong to a tribe much larger than I ever knew. I am accepted and loved.

2. Visualize the color orange at the second chakra midway between the base of your spine and your belly button and think, I recognize that I am the creator of my life and am worthy of all the good, success, and abundance life has to offer and which I desire.

3. Visualize the color yellow above your navel and think, I own and protect my own personal power, which lovingly encompasses me in white and gold light, guiding and protecting me. I allow myself to be protected from others energy who may be stronger than mine, so that I do not take on their negative or aggressive energy.

4. Visualize the color green in the center of your chest and think, I love freely and lead with an open heart with the realization that my heart is the center where mind, body, spirit, and emotions all collide together to create the unstoppable gypsy spirit. Once unleased, it will guide, direct, and keep me in tune with the call of the ultimate life force that speaks to me.

5. Visualize the color light blue at your throat and think, I speak my gypsy truth, no matter the consequence because my words matter, are powerful, and need to be heard. I speak with love, connection, and a warm embrace to assist others on their journey and bring those searching into the gypsy fold. There is always room and my words are powerful, unique, and hold universal organizing power.

6. Visualize the color bright blue bleeding into purple in the center of your forehead and think, my gypsy heart is directly linked to my third eye, my intuition, and encompasses the gypsy spirit as a whole. It is through this wisdom and assurance that I act, allowing the heart to lead and the mind to work out the details. When working together this union creates a full life, lived through the gypsy spirit

7. Visualize the color vibrant purple at the top of your head and think, this symbolizes the perfect union of body, mind, and spirit. The trifecta of spiritual connection to my highest gypsy self, connecting me to others and to a source that is the ultimate force for good in the world. I am a part of something much bigger than myself. I am a vehicle for good, for love, for consciousness and am an integral piece of the web of life. I am known and cared for and I am a creator in every sense of the word. Take a deep cleansing breath and notice how relaxed and energetic you feel.