Adventure is life. Life is the adventure. And yet there are so many of us who sit at home inside the 4 walls of our homes. So many that hide inside, scroll through Instagram and Facebook longing for something…..

It is easy to go through life with your old beliefs about life, adventure, love, money, sex, and relationships paving the way and the paradigm from which you process. It is also just as easy to allow each moment to be new. Each breath like it is both your first and last.

If you can imagine your life anyway that is a start. If you can think about hiking in the mountains or plan a trip to Spain or even just going to the park one day with your dog, that is a start.

Life is at the edge. The edge of life teaches us that we are capable of more than we think. The edge helps us to see our boundaries and then choose to go past or hide within them. The edge of your comfort zone is where I believe you can live.

What adventure pushes you to your edge? What can you plan today that would actually make your heart race or even make you shake a bit?

You make the choice to live your most daring adventure each day in each moment, or you choose to shy away from it and hide…doing the same thing you have always done.

Create it new. Begin now. Be bold. Go to the places in your mind that you really desire and live from this space.

You deserve it.

This worksheet will assist you in your next adventure. It is not perfect nor will your plan be. And so what? This worksheet will get you out of your mind and out into the world. Once you have your images written down you can then move. To move is taking action. To take action is to live.

I want you to live. I want you to move. I want you to dream and then do something about that dream.

The more we work your adventure muscle, the more you get to the park, to Spain or whatever the next adventure is to you, the closer we are to you living with your Gypsy Spirit unleashed.

And while I make no promises about tears and challenges along the way, I do promise that you will begin to come alive. The real you. The you that is imperfectly perfect. And that is living in a space worth living. It is through living our adventures that we experience life. And I for one am committed to more adventures, more experiences, more life, more living Gypsy.


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