Water. Something so basic and yet so many of us walk around working, eating and doing what we do – dehydrated and massively undernourished by the water we are drinking. Like, really. We are water. If you did not get that from my book you need to read that section and pick up a copy of HIDDEN MESSAGES IN WATER by Masaru Emoto. Water is the greatest transmitter of energy, and thus, so are you. The energy you derive from the water and foods you intake into your mouth matter. A lot.

Most bottled water is thirsty water meaning it is void of the natural minerals your body needs in order to flourish. The plastic can also leak toxins (bpa’s) into the water which you then ingest. Anything leaching into our systems that is man-made does not help us, short term or long-term.

Most water from the tap is filtered, chlorinated, treated and infused with fluoride. Not an ideal way to rejuvenate with what is meant to heal us with each drop. The water you drink is SO important. Most of the deficits in your body could very well be traced back to the amount of water you are drinking and the source of this life giving liquid. It seems so basic yet I hear of friends on a weekly basis that tell me of their “issues” and I ask how much water they drink and where they get it from. Typically they say to me, “Ya….I have not been really good when it comes to drinking water lately.” Do the basics. Drink the basic natural source of water and you will begin to see how much more energetic and pure you feel.

I have thousands of friends in fitness and yoga. It never ceases to amaze me how many people are in the business of healing through many forms such as fitness and yoga instructing and health care who take horrific care of themselves. We are so quick to give to others. I would love to cause you to take 100% excellent care of yourself. From there many things are possible. When you choose to put others above your basic necessity to stay or get to optimal performance in your daily life, you welcome dis-ease into your life. Your need to be gentle and create ease internally is a must. When you deprive yourself of delicious food and water that is rich in nutrient density, 6-8 hours of sleep every night and other basic necessities, you are asking for disease.

If we struggle with anxiety, depression, low-self-esteem and anything to do with how absolutely amazing you are you must understand that your gut has more to do with mental health than your head. I believe 100% that you are capable of feeding your body, mind and spirit what it needs. I believe that we live in a day and age in which joining your tribe is powerful. I believe I am that tribe and you are mine and within that connection there is trust.

If you trust me I would urge you to learn to trust yourself. Learn to trust me and believe me when I tell you the water you sip, gulp and chug need to be rich in nutrients and minerals. You want to invest your time, energy and resources into finding natural spring water. If you put in the time to research it, you can find it. You are looking for:

1. Pure PH8 Alkaline Artesian Spring Water

There are many companies who have gone to great lengths to find and tap into these natural ancient sources of healing waters. Water is healing. Your body is craving and longing for this type of water.

I do not agree with drinking tap water. I do not agree with all the systems that people install on their sinks. I am 100% supporter of true living water which comes from artesian springs. Of course you will never be perfect so keep in mind the 80% rule. What you do 80% of the time matters. In my opinion the best water you can find is local. I have connected with www.FindaSpring.com. He has done a great short video and connects YOU to local artesian water. An epic resource!

Here is a great short video he did which will help you realize the importance of water as well.

Why Spring Water

If that is not available, you can search locally and ask around.

3 questions to ask a water company:

1. Where is your water sourced?
2. Do you treat your water with anything?
3. What is the process the water goes through once you get it?
4. Can I get it myself?
5. What is the cost?

Don’t take my word for any of this. Research this for yourself and find your own path to the living water that suits you best.

From my body of water to yours, drink well.