These are specific ideas and exercises surrounding Young at Heart! I would like to also presence right now that YOU have ideas inside of you that are just what someone else needs. Please go there now and post in our community FB group what helps YOU stay Young at Heart! I come from a massive abundant mindset. I do not want you to lay dormant in your body, mind OR Gypsy Spirit. I want you to break out! I want you to be bold! Respectful of others and you just the way you are, without feeling judgement.

When we play like children there may be a place in you that feels dumb or like someone may see you and think “What a dork!” What if you could get to a place where you NEVER feel dumb. A place where you welcome people to give you crazy looks and even all out, “You are Crazy!” Most people are simply insecure and are hiding because they do not have the support and guidance to do what you are doing. When you are bold onlookers could be intimidated or cold towards your boldness, not because you are weird, but because you are different and are willing to look like a fool.

To laugh and play without judgement is something we are born with. Think of children playing. The emotion is so apparent. The laughter that comes from a tickle torture, the tears that spring when a toy is stolen away. Emotions are inherent. It is the tapping into those emotions, mixed with a powerful potion of self-love and wisdom that help us work from emotional immaturity to a place of powerful play. Acknowledgement of your emotions is key. Then, knowing you are worthy brings you into a space of wisdom beyond any circumstances. No matter if you are at your child’s school crawling like a lion, or dancing on stage and messing up! You can even be at work and be playful.
How can you create more play in your life?

What does play look like to you?

We learn best when we play. We are more likely to be engaged in a conversation when we are laughing and having fun. The experience of life is meant to be played. We get way to serious most of the time and miss out on the light hearted way we can approach life.

Here are some fun ideas to become more playful:

1. Go to a magic show with your child or a child and experience the reaction of yourself and the children.
2. Go against your better judgement and play with your children any chance you can get.
3. Book time each morning or evening where you play with your child or friend.
4. Go play on a playground.
5. Pick up a new hobby that you have always wanted to try.
6. Try slacklining and keep falling until you learn to laugh at yourself.
7. Laugh at yourself. Laugh at yourself. Laugh at yourself.
8. Be silly with people you normally would not be silly with.
9. Tell more jokes, especially to others who are SO serious all the time.
10. Play a board game.
11. Go outside and play with your pet.
12. Play leap frog.
13. Dig for gold.
14. Go camping, until you learn to love it.
15. Fish until you catch a fish and until you learn to sit there without doing anything except fishing and talking and having a good, relaxed time.
16. Help at a Birthday Party and dress up as the clown!
17. Go have a water balloon fight.
18. Through a pool party and push in your friend (make sure they don’t have their cell on them!)
19. Go to a location where you can have snow around as you hot tub. Then get out and run into the snow then hurry back into the hot tub. 5x. Until you laugh/cry.
20. Let go of expectations and allow your child(ren) or a child to lead YOU in play and see what you can learn from them.

Be playful. Let go of what you have to do or who you must become and allow for the playful you, who is already inside of you to come out….and play.