Gypsy Fam stands for living your most daring adventure everyday. I created Gypsy Fam because of the wanderlust spirit I have and which I believe is inherent in you as well. Exploration and adventure must be done with those we cherish, thus fam. Gypsy Fam’s mission is to empower you to live your most daring adventure each day of your life by providing you with the tools which help you harness the characteristics of a G.Y.P.S.Y. Change that works happens from the inside out. It is through unleashing your Gypsy Spirit where true adventure and fulfillment lie. Gypsy Fam’s vision is to create a Tribe of women (and maybe Gypsy men) who are ready to adopt this new paradigm.

By reading Gypsy Living and doing my Guide Program the foundation will be built to then work one-on-one with myself or one of my Gypsy Guides to discover your true purpose at this time. From here clients choose a GYPSY TRADE. With this purpose you then will be aligned with Gypsies from which to learn, apprentice and intern with. With the skills necessary to change the course of your life, you will choose to fly away, or stay in my network and become a part of our guide program. Either way, my vision is the same, that you live your most daring adventure each day of your life, with the abundance of support and finances you need in order to do so.

Gypsy Fam’s purpose is to awaken your gypsy spirit and help you come alive! To help you realize your invaluable worth and to never let that hold you back from going after your dreams. The purpose of Gypsy Fam is to create more empowered Gypsies and thereby giving families, lovers and adventurers the tricks of the trade to navigate through this adventure called life.

I love people. I am addicted to traveling. I adore my family. I crave yoga. I bring energy. I am a dreamer. I wait in anticipation to show my children the entire earth. I love fermented foods. I usually sing all the lyrics to 80’s song incorrectly. My husband always calls me on it. I am married to my soul mate. He drives me crazy and I love him more each day. We are so different. And also so the same. My 3 gypsies Lucy, Evan and Ava (twins) are visual manifestations of what I believe about life. Life is the greatest gift known to mankind. People are the only thing in life that matters….and nature. I believe in elements and their power earth, wind, fire and water. I believe in energy. I believe we existed in that energy long before we were born and will continue on long after we die. We have 30 chickens, 1 golden doodle and lambs and goats on the way. We are building a home/mini farm/permaculture in Southern Utah.

I created Gypsy Fam from asking myself 1 question. Here it is. What is the absolute most important aspect of my life – which if I had nothing else to do, no where to be, nothing materialistic mattered, what am I about? Gypsy Fam is Andrea. Gypsy Fam is me. Gypsy Fam is my heart and my soul. I began with a podcast about our family leaving Southern Utah and living in Puerto Rico for 6 months. I wrote Gypsy Living while living in Puerto Rico. My yoga teacher and mentor, Baron Baptiste wrote my forward. As I have worked tirelessly on my book and the gifts I hold inside that I want to share with others, I have created space. This space has allowed me to manifested miracles in my life. My promise to my tribe is this, if you are willing to do the work, to show up, to be a G.Y.P.S.Y. and do the W.O.R.T.H.Y. practices daily that you will be ready to enter my guide program. From my guide program ALL things in life are possible. Anything you can dream can be.

I am about miracles. I am about gypsies. I am about creating gypsy miracle workers. I am about bringing you in, dancing with you and sending you out into the dance floors of the world! The world is a big place and it is time to get to work.

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