The Body – Course 1 of 3 in the Guide Program Trifecta

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The Body – Course 1 of 3 in the Guide Program Trifecta

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Welcome. You are in the right place if you are beginning and don’t want to jump into the Trifecta Program! No problem. The Gypsy Guide Trifecta program consists of:

The Body – The Mind – The Spirit

Each is a 6 week course in which you will learn the foundational principles (GYPSY style) of how to become a GYPSY and unleash your Gypsy Spirit.

This option just THE BODY- is for clients ready to get going and can commit to a lower price point and STILL get started! Welcome!

The Body is a 6 week foundation course that will get your started with the tools and foundational principles of The Body you will lay the ground work for the Course 2 – The Mind and Course 3 – The Spirit.

Each course is mandatory for proceeding to the next level of the GYPSY LIVE EVENT (Coming Spring 2018) – Discover Why You Are Here. At this Live Event you will be given tools and work to expand your awareness

You will get:

The Body – 6 week online course with Andrea

  • 6 week discovery about the Body. You will learn about nutrition, movement, energy and the foundational principles that make your body the most incredible vessel for your greatest adventure.

 What you can expect:

-Facebook Group

-Weekly Group Calls

-Gypsy Tricks of the Trade

-New Way to Look at Your Body

By completing the Trifecta Foundational Course you will then be eligible to attend (Application Required) the – Discovering your Gypsy Purpose LIVE EVENT with Andrea and her Guides – Discover why you are here. At the conference you will we be able to:

  1. Become a Gypsy-neur (Discover your true purpose, align with a trade and guide, learn the skills to supplement your income or gain an income, and aligning with your true purpose)

  2. One on one Guidance with Andrea (Eligible once you have completed the Trifecta Program, Live Event and are on the path to becoming a GYPSY-NEUR.

  3. Become a Gypsy Guide (Learn the art standing for others through helping them discover their true purpose.) This allows you to co-create 6 week courses with Andrea to share with the world

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